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Ceremony ideas - let's create something memorable

Thinking your wedding ceremony is that formal part you need to ‘endure’ before the fun starts.. yeah, ah NO!! Not with me as your celebrant.

Your wedding ceremony is the actual reason your family and friends are here. Without the ‘getting married’ part, it’s just a party. So, let’s make your wedding ceremony memorable, and let’s ensure it’s a true reflection of ‘you’ as a couple.

First things first, you do you. Please don’t do anything that you don’t feel comfortable with in your ceremony. Just because it may be tradition or something everyone in family has done does not make it right for you. As I say to all of my couples, there is actually only a few paragraphs we legally have to say for you to be married. I need to say the Monitum and you need to say your legal vows, after that its all up to you.

When I meet with you to discuss your ceremony, I will chat to you about what style of ceremony you want. Its always a good idea to think about weddings you have been to and what you liked and didn’t like about them. I will then give you some ideas for things to include. For example, maybe you want to acknowledge people who can’t be with us, include kids, family, friends or your fur baby in the ceremony or acknowledge your cultural background. I have so many ideas and options to share with you and as your celebrant its my job to ensure you find something you feel 100 comfortable with.

Some of my favourite ceremony ideas from 2023 that you may want to consider include:


  • Couple make an entrance together

  • Bride entrance with her pup by her side

  • Groom and Groom’s party making an entrance down the aisle once guests are seated

  • No entrance at all – you both being there as your guests arrive and we start when everyone is there!

Including friends & family:

  • Invite significant family members to be your witnesses (your mum, dad, grandma, etc)

  • Include a poem or reading from someone close to you,

  • Ask a couple you love (who have been married for some years) to share some words of wisdom for marriage

  • Include kids you love as ring bearers

  • Have me include 'crowd vows' (sooo fun, let’s chat about how this works)

  • Include your friends or kids in your ceremony by having me ask them for some words to describe you as a couple to share

  • Include a ring warming as part of your ceremony

Phones or no phones:

  • Going unplugged – I can include a ‘pre-put your phone away’ selfie!

  • Invite all guests to take their best shot when you both arrive for everyone before we get underway (phones away directly after)

  • Let everyone go wild and ask them to post with a unique # so you can see all the pics later!


  • Include biodegradable confetti or rose petals or bubbles… I will include how and when in my housekeeping!

  • Stop mid-way down the aisle for another kiss and even throw in a dip if you can do it (dips need practice.. let me tell you from experience!! LOL)

  • Plan the next steps so I can let your guests know where to go and what you to do.

I hope these ideas have got you thinking! Follow me on Instagram of Facebook for more as I share the best from wedding planners here in Australia and Overseas on my stories!!

And now.. fill in my contact form so we can lock in your date and chat about creating your ceremony!


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