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Where should your celebrant stand during your wedding ceremony?

I get lots of engaged couples asking this question, so I have created this short, helpful blog post to give you an idea of how I roll when you engage me to officiate your wedding.

Image from Bella & Jared's beautiful ceremony at The Scenic Rim Farm Shop. Image Inc. Mill Photography.

As your Celebrant, where will I stand?

So this is something we will discuss when we plan your ceremony. Generally I stand off to the side (normally to the outside of the wedding party standing to the right of the aisle*). This means you can join hands and look at your guests, see their reactions to your couple story, be right there when they ride the emotions of any special family mentions, and see them smile and laugh along when we do the fun stuff we have included in your unique ceremony.

I will have you join hands and look at each other and come in-between you when we do the legal vows, but I always move well out of the way for your first kiss!

*note: you can choose to stand on either side - there are no rules..maybe you have a 'good side' for pics! Don't worry, we will work this out too!!

Why do I do this?

The main reason is that it is YOUR day and YOUR ceremony and the last thing you need is my head in every ceremony photo!!

I always work with your key vendors (your venue coordinator if you have one and your photographer / videographer) to make sure we are all on the same page with the cues and key ceremony moments. So for you, we are like a well-oiled machine..even if its our first time working together!

But what if you want me in the middle when you walk down the aisle?

This is totally cool too. Some of my couples are extremely nervous and want me to be there to reassure them as they come down the aisle. I can totally do that! Again, its your wedding and we will work together to make a plan that suits you. We can even do a practice r

un to see how it all feels when we meet if you like!


Let's chat. Reach out via email: OR send me a DM on Instagram or Facebook. I am happy to chat anytime.


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